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contract flooring for hospitality



Creating a lasting impression is nowhere more important than in the hotel and hospitality industry, a market where PFD Flooring has an enviable track record of working with the top hotel and hospitality companies.

contract flooring for commercial sector



Today’s modern office environments are highly sophisticated workspaces where selecting the right commercial flooring and ensuring that it is correctly laid will ensure years of service. PFD Flooring with its wealth of experience in working in different environments, from new build locations to fully operational sites can enable your project with the least disruption to your clients.


contract flooring for retail sector



In retailing vinyl, ceramics, wood and carpet finishes often exist side by side. Flooring is an integral part of branding style and PFD Flooring is able to offer a full flooring package for all finishes.


contract flooring for leisure sector



Creating mood and style is as important as the quality of services on offer in the fast moving leisure market. Whatever the style of venue you are creating – traditional, ultra-modern or themed – PFD Flooring, with its wide network of suppliers, can provide the complete flooring solution.


contract flooring for gaming sector



Gaming sector projects must be turned around quickly, demanding accurate planning, scheduling and rapid response. PFD Flooring has a depth of experience across this sector, meeting challenging requirements, tight budgets and time constraints.


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